Important Notice: As we work towards implementing our Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015 certification) a new mandatory training module has been created to support our certification – Supplemental Training: Environmental Management System Awareness Orientation – Course ID – 117”. This module is required to be completed along with your Tier and CAR training.

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Will all contractors with my company working on Vale properties require CAR training?

Yes, all workers will need to complete the CAR(1-5) - Vale Base Metals’ Awareness Orientation. Only those workers who are doing work associated to CARs 6-11 will need to complete the applicable CAR module after completing the CAR Questionnaire.


To be safe, should I get my employees to do all 6-11 CAR modules? That way they will be covered?

No, Contractor partners are only required to complete the CAR modules 6-11 that are applicable to their work.


Do I have to redo the updated CAR modules if I already completed them before?

No, if you were up-to-date on your 1-5 modules you will be credited for the CAR 1-5 Awareness Training. Note that the CAR modules no longer require a refresher.


How often do people need to do these CAR modules? Are they one time, or renewable?

The CAR(1-5) - Vale Base Metals’ Awareness Orientation and specific 6-11 modules are now only to be completed one time.


Will supervisors who don't actively do the work related to the CARs need to do the CAR training to oversee the work?

Supervisors who supervise or otherwise are accountable for the actions of those workers need to complete the 1-5 awareness module and any relevant 6-11 module applicable. i.e. if a Supervisor has workers who work in a confined space, the supervisor along with those workers need to complete CAR 06 Confined Space.


Do Health and Safety auditors need to complete the CAR training as Supervisors are required to complete?

In an effort to be as informed as possible, H&S professionals are to complete the CAR(1-5) - Vale Base Metals’ Awareness Orientation and it is recommended they complete the 6-11 modules as well.


As a site visitor, do I require training?

Visitors to a Vale Site that are not performing work (Example: For the purpose of a tour) may only require a Visitor Orientation. If required, Vistor Orientations can be arranged through the Site's local Learning & Development team. If you require assistance to determine if this applies to you, please connect with your Vale Site Contact or our Hotline & Support team for assistance.

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