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In addition to Vale Contractor Pass Numbers, we also accept NORCAT and Long Harbour 66LCH numbers. For contractors that do not have any form of Vale ID, please click here.

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Important Notice: As we work towards implementing our Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015 certification) a new mandatory training module has been created to support our certification – Supplemental Training: Environmental Management System Awareness Orientation – Course ID – 117”. This module is required to be completed along with your Tier and CAR training.

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You are going to be provided with a list of available training, of which, you will need to select only the modules that you are required to complete. To avoid unnecessary training, it is important that you confirm what training you are required to complete with your contract manager or Vale liaison.

If you experience any difficulties selecting or completing online training, please reach out to our dedicated hotline + support team.

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    Sudbury Operations

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    Port Colborne Operations

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    Long Harbour Operations

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    CAR Training Modules

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