Important Notice: As we work towards implementing our Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015 certification) a new mandatory training module has been created to support our certification – Supplemental Training: Environmental Management System Awareness Orientation – Course ID – 117”. This module is required to be completed along with your Tier and CAR training.

CAR Training QuestionnaireBegin Questionnaire

To determine what CARs you need to complete, please answer the questions within our questionnaire to the best of your ability.

CAR(1-5) - Vale Base Metals’ Awareness Orientation

Have you previously completed all the individual CAR modules 1-5?

CAR06: Confined Spaces Orientation

Will you be attending, accessing, performing work, or supervising work in a Confined Space?

CAR07: Machine Guarding Orientation

Will you be performing work in/on any of the following listed below?

  • Fixed or mobile machines and associated installations, both new designs and existing,
  • Standard machines purchased from suppliers, including those adapted for Vale,
  • Machines manufactured specifically for Vale, and
  • Modifications made to existing machines and associated installations.

CAR08: Ground Stability Orientation

Will you be performing an excavation greater than 1.25m?

CAR09: Explosives Orientation

Will you be transporting, storing, manufacturing, handling, loading, or blasting explosives in open-pit, underground mines, or construction projects?

CAR10: Working with Electricity Orientation

Will you be performing electrical installations containing equipment/systems with voltages above 50 V AC (Alternating Current) or 120 V DC (Direct Current)?

Please Note: The requirements in this CAR apply to the following work activities, but are not limited to the examples below:

  • Preventive or Corrective maintenance or electrical switching in electrical switchgear, connection and lighting panels, automation panels, switchgear and distribution panels, junction boxes, Cubicles and Cabinets, frequency Inverters and generators;
  • Tests in industrial outlets;
  • Sensitive and predictive inspections in panels or equipment in the field;
  • Preventative maintenance in rectifiers, chargers, and battery banks;
  • Preventative or corrective maintenance in Plug and Switch System (PASS) control circuits;
  • Preventative or corrective maintenance in control circuits of oil or dry transformers;
  • Opening and Closing disconnecting switches.

CAR11: Molten Metal Orientation

Will you be performing any activities involving molten metal, including but not limited to the list below?

  • Furnace;
  • Converter;
  • Granulator;
  • Transportation of molten metal (by heavy equipment and by crane).

Based on the answers above, you require the following training:

CAR(1-5) - Vale Base Metals’ Awareness Orientation
CAR06 - Confined Spaces Orientation
CAR07 - Machine Guarding Orientation
CAR08 - Ground Stability Orientation
CAR09 - Explosives Orientation
CAR10 - Working with Electricity Orientation
CAR11 - Molten Metal Orientation
No CAR Training Required
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