Important Notice: As we work towards implementing our Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015 certification) a new mandatory training module has been created to support our certification – Supplemental Training: Environmental Management System Awareness Orientation. This module is required to be completed along with your Tier and CAR training.

The Process

Orientation Levels

Part of your onboarding includes training at different orientation levels.

Full Library of Resources

Complete your training online by registering for a PIN and accessing your modules.

Validate Your Completion

Validate your completion by checking your completion using the Check Training tool.

Learning & Development Hotline

Learning & Development Hotline

Need more information or looking for support? Send us a message through our online form here or call the L+D Hotline.

Call Now (705) 682-5770

Helpful FAQs

We compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help you throughout the onboarding process.

  • Will all contractors with my company working on Vale properties require this training?

    Workers who are doing work associated to the CARs need this training after December 31st. For example, a worker who operates a piece of mobile equipment will require CAR03 Operation of Mobile Equipment. A worker who does not do work associated to the CARs will not require any of the CARs training.

  • To be safe, should I just get my employees to do all 5 CAR modules? This way we know they will be covered.

    No. Service provider employees are only required to complete a CAR training module if they are performing work associated with that CAR. Providing too much training poses as much of a risk as not providing enough training. Service providers are expected to consider the work that will be performed and assign CAR modules accordingly.

  • How often do people need to do these modules? Are they one time, or renewable?

    The CAR modules need to be completed every two years.

More FAQs

Contractor Pass Application

This application form is used to create a profile within the Vale Contractor Pass Management System.

Important: Please note that you cannot apply for yourself. An Administrator or Supervisor must submit your application.

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Contractor Pass Swipe Station Access Application

This application form is used to add gate/door access onto your card.

Important: Please note that you cannot apply for yourself. An Administrator or Supervisor must submit your application.


Conduct a Training Check

Run a training and indoctrination check for any Vale Employee or Contractor on the Training Checkr.

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